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Silent Support Weekend 2-3 March

Let them Play. Let them Lead. Let them Learn. Silent Support Weekend 2-3 March

The purpose of Silent Support Weekend is to allow young players to find their voice, make their own decisions and take control of their game. Help us listen to young players to make our youth game the best place to play football.

Please download these assets so you can share them across your teams

What is Silent Support?

Silent Support helps create a more positive space for players, coaches and spectators.

The idea is to cut down on unnecessary distraction from the sidelines.

When is Silent Support Weekend?

Silent Support Weekend is running 2-3 March 2024.

How does Silent Support work?

Instead of confusing shouts and rebukes from spectators, players are encouraged by their

applause only. Rather than hearing lots of voices offering conflicting instructions, players might

only hear the voice of their coach – or from no-one at all if that’s the way you want to play it.

Silent Support in a nutshell:

1. Players and Match Officials keep talking

on the pitch.

2. Coaches support the players as they need to.

3. Spectators support good play through

applause only.

How to make Silent Support

a success:

1. Share the promotional pack with your clubs

and ask them to send it to their teams,

coaches and parents.

1. Spread the word to make sure all your clubs

understand Silent Support.

2. Post on social media that your league supports

the Silent Support games that are being played.

Your players will thank you for it

After previous Silent Support events, players told us it helped them talk more as a

team, and to make their own decisions. Overall, players found playing more enjoyable.

“It was good as we got to

make our own decisions.”

- Under 12s player

“It can get confusing when

lots of people are telling you

what to do.”

- Under 14s player

“It’s giving them space to

find their own game.”

- Under 12s coach

“They are talking to each

other more, playing their

own game.”

- Under 10s coach


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