Ladies Veterans is coming in 21/22

The Kent Girls and Ladies Football League is always looking at growing the female game further, which in recent years has seen us develop the younger age groups, as well as flexible formats to allow more participation. We already have a strong female pathway in place, working closely with the South East Counties Women’s Football League, signposting our member clubs/teams there once they have completed the U18 age group.

We now want to focus on how we can carry that pathway on after Ladies football, and come full circle back to our league, where for some it all started. Therefore, the league is formalizing a Ladies Vets Division(s) within the league structure, which will at least give the ‘Ladies’ part of our league name some use😊. This we plan to have in place and ready to start in the 2021/22 season.

The vets game has seen significant growth over the past 5 years, particularly in the men’s section. However, more and more ladies teams are being formed out of Turn Up and Play / Walking Football sessions, with no avenue for them to have organised matches, other than what they organise between themselves, which is very intermittent. Therefore, we would like to offer these veterans players/teams an outlet, giving another format to keep women engaged in football longer and creating another pathway after ladies football. This will also continue to improve wellbeing, both physically & mentally, and ultimately grow the game, by raising the profile of the women’s game further in Kent.

In discussion with the proposed member clubs of the veterans divisions, the recommended structure is detailed below:

· Players must have obtained the age of 35 by 31st August

· Flexible format, with 9v9 being the maximum and 7v7 being the minimum

· 9v9 pitch to be used

· Match duration: 30 - 35 mins per half

· Match day: Saturday

· Match Frequency: match every 3 weeks

· Home & away fixtures, with potential for additional festivals

· No entry fee for clubs/teams for the 21/22

If this is of interest, or you have a query/question, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the league secretary Mike Hanaway

We look forward to working with you, to continue the ever growing evolution of the female game in Kent.